Woodworm Treatment

In order for us to allow the best course of treatment, our highly qualified surveyors that hold years of experience in the treatment of woodworm will carry out a thorough inspection of your property.

Treatments will be tailored to your needs as our surveyors will assess:

  • The extent of your problem
  • The species of woodworm involved
  • The activity level of the infestation

Our surveyors will then discuss:

  • The movement of your furniture
  • Gaining full access to the room
  • Take up floor boards if necessary
  • Clean timbers so they are free of dust

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The Woodworm Survey Process

Structural integrity is vital for residential and commercial properties which is why we always ensure our woodworm treatment surveys are as detailed as possible.

Our woodworm surveys are conducted by expert surveyors to ensure you are fully aware of all woodworm and any associated problems, such as wood rot or damp issues that a property might have.

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Woodworm Treatment Process

To treat the wood and timbers, our technicians will enter the infected area to initially prepare for the treatment.

Once our technicians are happy, they will protect themselves with the most appropriate protective equipment and begin spraying our eco-friendly treatment directly onto the wood and all infected areas. The solution will be absorbed into the wood over a period of about an hour, killing and eliminating all living woodworm and eggs near the surface.

Woodworm located deep inside the wood will be killed as they eat through the treated timber upon emergence.This could be some considerable time after the treatment has been applied dependent on the life cycle of the woodworm.

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